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What to Watch: Korean Dramas

life in korea, south korea, korean mediaKelly Kern11 Comments

Before coming over to Korea, I never had any interest in 한국드라마, Korean dramas (KDramas). I’ve watched a few episodes before for classes I took in college, but they never sparked my interest. They felt cheesy and made me cringe, and the need for translation made me feel separated from the story. From the time I decided to come to Korea to about two months after I got here, watching KDramas was just an item on my to-do list that kept getting pushed further and further back. The world of KDrama is intimidating. Where to begin?! How do I know what shows are good and which actors to pay attention to? It wasn’t until two of my students recommended a TV show (and a hangover that had me bedridden on New Years) when I finally gave in. Now, I'm hooked.