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My Apartment in Korea

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During Christmas, I was lucky to have my mom come here to visit. I was very excited to show her my apartment because I knew she would have some great ideas to spruce the place up (if you know my mom, you know interior design is her thiiiing). When I brought her into my apartment, waiting to hear what she thought about it, the first thing she said was "Where's the living room?" I was just as surprised at the question as she was by the fact that there isn't a living room. 

Before I came to Korea, I spent hours researching blogs and watching videos made by current and former teachers about their apartments and lives here, so I had an idea of what to expect when it came to my living situation. Seeing as my family and friends have zero interest in watching strangers do apartment tour videos, I thought I would share what my apartment looks like. Your interest in Korean apartments just went way up, right?

Following the trend made popular by other bloggers and ESL teachers in Korea, I made a little video tour as well. Don't worry, for those of you who don't want to sit through 7 minutes of torture (aka the sound of my voice and rambling), there are photos below. 

Right when you walk into my apartment, you see my kitchen. It comes equipped with the basics and has a good amount of storage. My apartment came with a gas stove and a microwave oven, so I have plenty of options when it comes to cooking (such as chicken nuggets and rice, or chicken nuggets and pasta). 

This is a little sitting area. Check the left corner for a little peak of my sad little laundry room. People don't have dryers in Korea, so my apartment only has a washing machine. The things I'd do to dry my jeans...

My bedroom! This room looks a lot different from when I moved in. When my mom came to visit during Christmas, we made a trip to Ikea and bought a few things to spruce the place up a bit. Along with the new rug, bedding and pillows, she put up some makeshift curtains and covered my bubble-wrapped windows with a pretty shower curtain to make the room look a little nicer. Thanks again to my mom who made my room more homey :) 

My bathroom looks a little different compared to a typical Korean bathroom. Most bathrooms don't have a separate shower, instead they have a shower head on the wall and the drain on the floor and the entire bathroom gets wet. I certainly lucked out because my bathroom has a tub and shower which means NO WET BATHROOM FLOORS! (I hate wet floors. They fill me with rage).

My second bedroom! Yup, that's right. Two bedrooms. This is really unusual for teachers. In most cases, a teacher is given a one bedroom or studio, so my two bedroom apartment is a lovely thing. My second room is used mostly for laundry (as seen above) and random storage. It also comes equipped with a bed, which is ready for visitors at any time ;) ;) (come visit me).

And that is it! Not much to see, but I love my little apartment. It's a lot older than a lot of the ones you'll see on Youtube or other blogs, but it's perfect for me. The video has a lot of other information about random daily life stuff and fun little facts about living in Korea, so feel free to check that out if you want to. 

As far as basic updates go, every thing has been going great. I've really enjoyed my time here so far and love my students (most of the time) and I'll post more here in the coming weeks as I finally get my ideas out of my head and into action. Thanks again for checking out my website, reaching out to me, and showing general interest in my uninteresting life. It's much appreciated :)