Awkward Encounters Abroad

South Korea and the 5 W's

south korea, teaching eslKelly Kern10 Comments

I'm going to South Korea! I'm gearing up for my departure and figured I'd start working on this blog, so what's a better way to begin than explaining why I'm going to South Korea. Whenever I tell somebody that I am moving to South Korea, I get these two reactions, in this order:

1. "Oh wow!"

2. "Why?"

So, I thought I'd break down my reasoning with the classic 5 W's.

WHO: Me! Just me. I'm doing this Han's style and going solo. I will be teaching English to elementary and middle school students, which I'm super excited about because I love those grades. They aren't filled with angst towards authority figures yet, and they still love things like One Direction and funny Youtube videos, so I'll think we'll get along just fine.

WHAT: Same, tbh. 

WHERE: Gwangmyeong, South Korea. It's a suburb located right outside of Seoul in the Gyeonggi province. I will be teaching at a private school (hagwon) and am super pumped about it. Hello, 2:00pm start time. 

WHEN: November - November. I will be having digestive issues and Target withdrawals for exactly one year.

WHY: Why not!? I still haven't figured out exactly what I want to do here in the post-college world, so I'm buying time and doing some of my favorite things instead; travelling and creating uncomfortable situations.

BONUS!! HOW: My process has been a little all over the place. Originally I was going to go through EPIK (public school program run by the Korean government) but decided I wanted a bit more control over my placement. This brought me to the black hole that is recruiting agencies. After months of sketchy emails and awkward Skype interviews, I found a great recruiter and a solid school placement. 

Basically that's it for now. I'll have more to share once I arrive and start making a muck of things. Thanks for reading!